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Armita Hosseini is a high school student from Toronto, Canada, and is an active advocate of financial and economic education for youth. In 2020, she published the book Roadmap to Financial Literacy, and later founded EmpowerEcon to host virtual financial literacy and entrepreneurship camps for teens. She has been featured on Forbes, Next Gen Personal Finance, and other notable outlets, and envisions a future where every student is offered a one-semester personal finance course.

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EmpowerEcon is an organization empowering youth in developing the knowledge and skills to approach their financial futures with confidence. It does this through hosting virtual financial education camps and providing educational resources, and has hosted 3 financial education camps and 1 entrepreneurship camp with 260 participants from 34 countries across 5 continents to date. EmpowerEcon’s curriculum covers topics such as income streams, building credit, loans, financial skills, practical finances, insurance, predatory lending, and long-term financial goals.

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Roadmap to Financial Literacy: An Introduction to Personal Finance For Teenagers provides a holistic understanding of the world of finance teens will encounter after high school. It covers topics such as building credit, student loans, mortgages, saving, investing, and budgeting, and is filled with graphics and examples to supplement the content. Written by a teen, for teens, it explains concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand yet in-depth manner and takes readers on a journey to explore the field of finance. 


“Every high school student should read this book; I wish I had the opportunity to read it when I was in high school. I suggest all parents buy it for their kids before starting high school, as it talks about the basics of finance all youth should know about!”

- Robin Kadd, accounting and finance graduate from Seneca College 

Frequently asked questions

Where do you see yourself in the future?

As opposed to being driven by a single career or field, I am driven by my life goals and values: to impact people’s lives for the better on a global scale. By exploring innovative ideas, staying resilient in the face of obstacles, and surrounding myself with people who are just as excited to have a positive impact, I truly believe I can accomplish this life goal.

Why is financial education so important for teenagers?

While knowledge is essential, financial literacy is greatly dependent upon skills and psychology. Therefore, beyond knowing how to use a credit card responsibly or how to invest, we need to develop the discipline to actually make those decisions. The sooner we understand basic financial concepts, the more likely we are to make better choices when the time comes. By looking into the future and thinking long-term, we will set ourselves up for financial independence, thus improving the quality of our lives. At the same time, having this knowledge earlier on can prevent us from making choices that we later regret. I sometimes meet college graduates or adults who tell me that if they knew more about student loans prior to attending college, they would have applied to more scholarships or taken on less debt. Therefore, earlier education can truly impact the trajectory of our lives.

What inspired you to start EmpowerEcon

I attended Kode With Klossy’s web development camp during summer 2020, and everyone gained something from this experience. For me, the most meaningful aspect was seeing how they brought together teens from across the world and formed a community that was genuinely excited about learning computer science. Inspired by this experience, I decided to create my own camp, teaching personal finance. I thought, “if we can create an environment where teens are excited about learning about personal finance as opposed to being intimidated by it, we can be more successful in creating a financially literate generation”. It started out as an idea I was genuinely curious to explore, and has since grown into an organization that offers year-round events, weekly Finance Friday social media posts, and educational resources.

I would like to have you as a guest speaker on a podcast or at a workshop or upcoming event. How could I get in touch?

Thank you for your interest. Please email me at armitahj@gmail.com or schedule a time to chat via my calendly linked here. Looking forward to seeing how I can contribute!

I would like to join the EmpowerEcon team or collaborate on a project or partnership. How can I get in touch?

In order to join the EmpowerEcon team, please fill out the application form listed on EmpowerEcon’s website or Instagram, @empowerecon. For collabs and partnerships, you can reach out to armitahj@gmail.com to get in touch with me directly, or empowerecon@gmail.com to speak with a member of our team.